Aaron May and David Ridley are award-winning composers who collaborate on music for film.


As a duo, they create bold, unique soundtracks with a contemporary-classical and electronic edge.  They combine their contrasting skill sets to develop rich soundscapes and evocative melodies.  Their collaborative approach brings an openness to the process of writing for film, and a distinct sound-world for each new project.  After co-scoring several short films, the pair made their feature-length debut in 2020 with the score for Villain, directed by Philip Barantini.  Their second collaboration with Phillip, Boiling Point, will be released in cinemas in November 2021, and Invincible, an Amazon Original/Canal+ co-production on the legendary manager Arsène Wenger, will have a cinematic release in late 2021 before being available on demand in 2022.

Aaron and David have been working on a debut album of non screen-related music which they will release in early 2022.

Mission Statement

        "We aim to create visceral, imaginative music for film that propels narratives to new heights.  Every film deserves a unique, characterful sound-world, so we approach each project with open minds to find something original that enhances the image.  We are interested in creating a feeling of intimacy in our scores and use compositional techniques towards the goal of giving our audiences a glimpse inside characters' minds.

            Our work puts an emphasis on exploration through conversation, both with each other and our co-creatives.  Through this we aim to capture the spirit of fruitful collaboration, working with our various strengths to produce work that represents an entire team."