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Directed by Phil Barantini
Music by David Ridley

Seconds Out is a short film by Robbie O'Neill that explores mental health in young men.   Starring Robbie and Faye Marsay, it follows the story of Carl, a boxer, who seeks out a path through depression by acknowledging and coming to terms with it.  Focussing on suicide in men under the age of 35, Seconds Out is an important film that looks to tell a story and raise awareness about mental health.  The film continues to be programmed in numerous film festivals and Robbie won Best Actor at the Overcome Film Festival. 

David created this score after meeting Phil and Robbie and closely identifying with its subject matter.  It felt important to create a score that contrasted the worlds of darkness and light, to reflect the central theme of a battle with depression.  David created a series of sparse synthesised drones, and then added strings and sampled vocals to find the humanity and warmth that needed to come through.  The score revolves around electronic soundscapes with moments of brightness from organic elements.  

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